What is in the kit of a professional makeup artist?

The secret to a perfect make-up: essential accessories, suitable tools and essential care.

What is the difference between your makeup bag and that of a professional? The preparation, essentially … and the right accessories. A true make up artist, a make-up artist or a professional make-up artist prepares the canvas, before painting it with the appropriate tools … and the right paints!

Professional makeup artist, the right brushes

An artist is nothing without his accessories, and the professional makeup artist is no exception. His kit thus contains all the essential tools, the best known – and useful – being the brushes. Large round brushes, or ball brushes, are used with compact foundations or loose powders. The flat and wide brushes are used to apply a blush. Without forgetting the cat’s tongue brushes, short, flat and with rounded tips: essential for a successful make up, they deposit the eyeshadow and melt it on the skin. The finest brushes, on the other hand, are used for lip contouring or applying eyeliner.

The flagship accessories of the professional makeup artist

Brushes are not the only essential tools: make-up sponges also simplify the application of liquid foundation or even blend the different eyeshadows together. A professional kit includes a complete assortment. On the look side, the famous eyelash curler is another must-see, which comes with miniature brushes and combs specially adapted for eyelashes and eyebrows. What purpose ? Prepare, then remove the excess mascara or eyebrow powder.

The basics make up of a professional makeup artist

Prepare a canvas or a good makeup base … the logic is the same! For this purpose, a professional makeup artist provides a specific preparation: primers, or bases, in other words the preparatory makeup layer. Their role ? Correct imperfections, moisturize and smooth your skin. In short, prepare her for makeup for long-lasting hold and a radiant nude complexion. concealers, correctors, illuminators and mattifying bases are therefore essentials; they help erase spots, dark circles or pimples. A logical and complementary result, BB creams and CC creams are the new foundations: these miracle creams correct the color of your complexion, finish removing imperfections and provide a velvety finish.

Express makeup in five minutes? Dressing up every day does not require more time. Complexion, look and lips, an easy and fast make up routine.

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Make up, organize your schedule and manage the vagaries of everyday life: active life can be a real race, in which staying feminine is … easy! A unified complexion, an emphasized look, a sublimated mouth: nothing easier with a simple make up routine, to be applied day by day in five minutes flat.

Simple makeup for a uniform complexion

Rested mine and careful make-up start with a velvet complexion. How to do it? Nothing could be simpler, with BB cream and CC cream. The first is a colored corrective cream, more hydrating than a foundation. The second hydrates, matifies and corrects the color of your complexion for a more natural result. If your skin has few imperfections, prefer CC cream; for a more covering make-up, choose BB cream. Apply as a moisturizer, in circles and with your fingertips. Then fix with a loose or compact powder. The final touch? A blush suited to your skin tone, peach, rosé or terracotta. Drop it with a wide brush, from temples to cheekbones.