In addition to its ecological property, it is also a durable and inexpensive fashion accessory. We can therefore wear it to all future events. Its cleaning is also easy since it is enough to give a little wax or to varnish it again so that it regains its shine. It should be placed in a boxed case when not in use to protect it from moisture, wind and dust. It should be known that a wooden product gains in brightness and quality as it ages. In terms of comfort, the wooden bow tie is light and it does not risk annoying the wearer even if the evening lasts all night.


It becomes more and more difficult to buy a bow tie in front of the innumerable existing models. But for a unique, but very trendy work, you can always build your own fashion accessory. To do this, you first need to draw the shape of the knot you want on a piece of paper. Then we have to cut it to get a pattern. The latter must be reproduced on a piece of wood. Then, you have to cut and sand. The edges must be well sanded to have a curved and smooth effect.

For the tie, just choose a piece of fabric that goes well with your suit or shirt. A piece of elastic will secure it properly to the neck. However, this design seems to be simple, but it can be time consuming. It is more profitable to buy a ready-to-wear model. The wooden bow tie already has an adjustable tie so that the bow can be properly placed on the collars. In addition, we can engrave a message, a graphic or a milestone.

Selection | 40 Essential Fashion Accessories for Men

Update: DECEMBER 18, 2019



When it comes to fashion, you have to have the right clothes, but that is unfortunately not enough. It is important to take into account all the little details that can make a difference. These details are often found in the accessories you wear or add to an outfit to be elegant and have the style that goes well when you are a man. On our blog we talk a lot about clothes and sometimes accessories, we decided to offer you a selection of favorite accessories for men.

Through 8 families of accessories, we have selected 41 accessories for men that give a little extra to your casual and dressed outfits such as watches, bow ties, belts, or even beauty treatments … So yes, men’s face care is not really an accessory but it can still be very useful for having beautiful skin and feeling good. We have therefore included our favorite skincare products in this 100% men’s selection.

How to choose the right accessories for Men? Our favorite selection.


We start with the best known accessory, the watch is the accessory that is easy to wear on a daily basis. It is possible to adapt your watch to occasions, with for example a watch for special occasions, a connected watch to follow your sports training, and a last watch for everyday life accompanies you everywhere. If you are looking for more watches, discover our Guide to Men’s Watches.

However, we are really starting to play again between watches and your outfits in order to associate the colors and types of bracelets (leather or fabric). It is possible to find not too expensive watches or to be offered over the years.


For many people it is unthinkable to leave your home without taking your portable music player or your phone loaded with your favorite songs. Just outside, headphones or headphones are already on your ears to rock you in the street or the metro. If you are one of these men then look carefully at our selection of headphones to listen to your favorite songs in style.

With the latest generation smartphones it sometimes happens that the jack plug is removed, so it is essential to turn to wireless headsets with Bluetooth technology. It’s practical not to have any more wires, it avoids knots but you have to think about recharging your helmet regularly otherwise it is a breakdown!


Although the tie is very chic (especially when it is very thin), do not neglect the power of the good old bow tie which is making a comeback in men’s wardrobes. The bow tie therefore gets a facelift in 2018 with new fabrics and materials that give originality.

Among the 6 bow ties that we have selected there is one made in knitting, another in metal or even another bow tie which is an exceptional product made with feathers and made by hand in France. Think about it for a wedding or a big event, these bow ties give a more trendy style than ties.