To stand out and be jealous, there is nothing better than having unique accessories. For this, it is possible to create exceptional jewelry with refined accessories like the silver clasp as well as quality jewelry kits, including charms, pendants


Serving as a finish, but can also be an essential element to bring shine to a jewel,

silver clasps are ideal for elegant locks. They are not only devices for connecting the ends of jewelry, but can therefore also adorn them. Indeed, to create jewelry yourself, it is therefore essential to buy it from a haberdashery. For this, there are in different models to choose well depending on the desired rendering.

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Then there are the lobster clasps which are the great classics of the clasp family. They are generally used for light jewelry that must be chosen according to the size and weight of it. Then there are also the buoy clasps which are also reserved for simple and light jewelry. Finally, there are the toggle clasps, a real trend for creating refined and easy-to-use jewelry. This type of clasp is used to work large jewelry. It combines aesthetics and ease of use. In short, you should never do without the clasps when you want to make jewelry yourself. And still, it is necessary to choose them well not to make missteps.


To get out of the general public and the common fashion of jewelry, there are jewelry kits to make your own jewels, including charms and pendants. Indeed, whether to make bracelets, ankles as well as necklaces, there are charms in all shapes and models. With or without patterns, there is something for everyone. To create unparalleled necklaces, one should also not forget the pendants which constitute the heart of the necklaces. For this, it is important to choose your kits carefully to be on top. Once the choice has been made, you should also not fail to carefully select your silver clasp. Indeed, you should never do without basic kits and accessories to create jewelry entirely without examples. Then it’s possible to customize them to make them even more unique.

Unlike women, men do not wear many accessories even for special occasions. For a country-themed wedding, for example, the bride can accessorize her dress with wooden earrings, wooden necklaces, wooden bracelets and wooden hair pins. For the man, a bow tie is enough for it to be elegant and classy for its beloved. He can just add a wooden watch to be in line with the theme.

The advantages of wooden bow ties

It is quite true that fabric bow ties are cheaper and new trends are always appearing. Only, they are not suitable for eco-responsible fashion. Indeed, textiles are polluting and since the price is very affordable, people prefer to throw them away and wear different models at each event. To protect the planet, therefore, choose wooden bow ties. We find creations designed in bamboo, ebony, oak, Mongoy, Iroko, etc. Among these trees, bamboo is the most recommended for making bow ties since it is easily transformable and it grows in mass without specific maintenance.