The advice you need to choose the perfect bag

Fashion trends The advice you need to choose the perfect bag

If you say woman, you say bag. Shoulder strap, shoulder, large, small, colorful, black, the important thing is that there are and accompany his days. Women can go out without rings or with the bra different from the panties, or maybe naked but going out without a handbag would be inadmissible.

They allow fair sex to always take the most essential things with them, to complete the outfit and to improve all points of view.

When choosing the right bag, however, you have to consider that often they are not ergonomic or very functional, even if at first glance they look very beautiful. On the contrary, the most functional bags are sometimes the least cute. Maybe that’s why an average woman has about 21 purses and buys a new one every three months.

Given all this, it becomes very important that each woman can choose the ideal bag, one that does not weigh too much on the shoulders, that matches well with your clothes and that succeeds in making this marriage happy, but difficult – between the beautiful look and practicality.

How to choose the size of the bag

However, even in the field of bags, it is a question of balance which does not necessarily have to be overlooked. The concept is very simple: if you look in the mirror before going out, see the bag, then the bag and finally an indistinct character attached to the bag, there is something wrong. If you are cute, leave the XXL bag in store and choose a model suitable for your body. On the other hand, if you’re tall and well-made, maybe the Tic Tac package isn’t really the smartest buy.

But the dimensions are also a factor of good tone: for the day, the big bags for the evening, the smallest.

Style and usage

One of the first things to consider is when and how you are going to use the bag. What clothes will you wear it with? How are you really going to wear it? For example, if you are looking for a daily bag for city life, it would be better to opt for a light variant rather than a leather version with short handles. For work, however, you could choose a classic shoulder bag that is spacious enough, perhaps to bring a tablet or important documents.

How to choose the bag according to the materials it is made of

Each woman has different tastes and needs, but beyond style preferences, we can agree that they want a bag that lasts several years and will serve its purpose perfectly.

Well, focus on materials, finishes and metal parts (such as zippers and trinkets that would otherwise take on their shine immediately). A quality and beautiful bag, must be of high-end brand.

A mistake not to be made, never buy fake bags. You will understand from afar that it is not original.