Simple makeup for a uniform complexion

Rested mine and careful make-up start with a velvet complexion. How to do it? Nothing could be simpler, with BB cream and CC cream. The first is a colored corrective cream, more hydrating than a foundation. The second hydrates, matifies and corrects the color of your complexion for a more natural result. If your skin has few imperfections, prefer CC cream; for a more covering make-up, choose BB cream. Apply as a moisturizer, in circles and with your fingertips. Then fix with a loose or compact powder. The final touch? A blush suited to your skin tone, peach, rosé or terracotta. Drop it with a wide brush, from temples to cheekbones.

The look highlighted with an easy make up

Simple and quick makeup? Bet on your eyes: in a few seconds, a pencil and a volume mascara are enough to offer you a glamorous touch. Start with an oily eye pencil, kohl type; choose a neutral shade such as brown, black, gray…, or a color that matches your eyes. Apply in thin lines along the lower and upper lashes, starting from the outer corner, up to half of the eye. Your trait is not regular for your taste? Blend it slightly with your finger, always outwards, for a smoky effect. Continue with the mascara of your choice. Again, adapt the gesture to your tastes: a single layer on the upper lashes for natural makeup, two layers on the upper and lower lashes for a more glamorous result.

Express makeup: the perfect mouth

For simple everyday makeup, make sure you have an effective base: draw the outline of your lips with a tone-on-tone pencil. If your lips are thin, protrude slightly, barely a millimeter, to give the illusion of fuller lips. Start with a moisturizing balm and finish with a colored gloss for a fruity mouth. And why not adapt the makeup of your mouth to your outfits or circumstances? A simple morning gloss for shiny, hydrated lips; a light lipstick, rosé or coral, for a professional lunch, to choose mat to avoid traces on your glass … and in the evening, dare a bright and shiny red, evening make up to go dancing!

Makeup tip: repair a broken compact powder

Is your compact powder, that good-looking makeup that you use day after day, in pieces? Do not panic ! Empty the pieces into a bowl. Powder, eyeshadow or blush, scrape the receptacle well to recover all of it. Reduce the whole to a fine powder … then add alcohol at 70 ° or 90 °, without ceasing to stir. Do you get a frothy texture? Your secret to a perfect complexion is back. Transfer the substance to its original container immediately. After 24 hours, the alcohol will be evaporated and the powder stabilized.

Makeup tip: repair a stick of net broken lipstick

Your favorite lipstick, the one that draws your perfect mouth, lies in front of you … in two pieces. Courage, repairing makeup requires little effort! If you stick to its stick shape, place the two pieces of lipstick on a tissue in the freezer. After about ten minutes, take it out and melt the broken end of the stick with a lighter. Apply it firmly on the broken part left in the tube. Once the two pieces have been glued, put the lipstick back in the freezer for a few more minutes… your make-up is ready!