Note: the label for organic cosmetics is not mandatory.

Thus, products can be truly organic and not bear a Label. In this case, it is best to read the labels carefully.

Some brands of organic cosmetics and organic makeup: Health, Lavera, Logona, caramel color…

What are the disadvantages of organic makeup?

Like any product, organic makeup also has its small weaknesses. The main drawback is the fact that in the absence of synthetic preservatives, the lifespan of makeup is shorter than for conventional makeup. And anyway, the shelf life of makeup is generally overestimated by consumers.

In addition, concerning foundations, the recovery capacity is lower than conventional makeup, but at least this avoids the “mask” effect! Finally, the smell and packaging of organic cosmetics are not always the most attractive, but brands specializing in this sector are making more and more efforts.

This is in perspective: some effective classic cosmetics do not smell like roses either!

What are the advantages of organic makeup?

Thanks to the absence of allergenic substances, parabens, petrochemical derivatives or other synthetic dyes, certified organic make-up, unlike conventional make-up, makes it possible to avoid the risks of allergies and unattractive itching. Organic makeup is less aggressive and more quickly absorbed by the skin, the latter is nourished and hydrated while offering discreet makeup.

Organic cosmetics, organic farming

In addition, organic makeup is more environmentally friendly. Because not only is the packaging often less polluting because it is recyclable and / or biodegradable. But in addition, let’s not forget the virtues of organic farming for the planet:

Ingredients from organic farming, undergo no transformation,

The components are biodegradable,

The animals are spared during the tests.

Good for the skin, good for health, good for the planet. With all this information you can now more easily differentiate between organic makeup and classic makeup!

Do not abuse skin scrubs

A natural scrub on the face is great for removing blemishes and brightening the complexion. However, we avoid doing it too often, at the risk of damaging the skin. Thus, a scrub or an exfoliating treatment is carried out once a week at most. We favor natural products, such as coffee grounds or pieces of apricot kernel: we banish micro-beads from our bathroom! Then we take care to wash our face well (with lukewarm water and sink).

Bad dry skin

Here too, softness is essential: we skip the rough terry towel, too abrasive for the skin of the face, and we gently pat with a soft cloth to dry it well. You can use a washcloth to dry the entire face without damaging the skin.

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Delicate face scrub – Gommette

Gommette gently rids the epidermis of impurities and dead cells.

Formulated with the sacred oil of the Incas, inca inchi, very rich in antioxidants and warana powder, a powerful physical and cerebral energizer, Gommette revitalizes the skin and refines the texture of the face.

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Organic Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil is pure, virgin and organic, perfect for your homemade cosmetic preparations, or simply alone as a moisturizing and protective treatment.

It is a massage oil appreciated by professionals for its rapid penetration and its satin and softening effect on the skin.

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