The Importance of Redundant Connection in Data Centers

The Importance of Redundant Connection in the Email Shop Data Centers

The main condition for a data center to function flawlessly and to respond to the needs of professional life is its internet quality and speed. The fact that the uk colocation you work with has high internet and line capacity is a must for your IT applications and functions to work smoothly as well as the continuity of your business processes. In other words, for IT infrastructures to work efficiently, uninterruptedly, and against threats at any time, the data center solutions you receive must be provided world-class and professionally.

While evaluating the alternatives to get uninterrupted and professional colocation hosting service, we also recommend you to check whether the internet infrastructure of the relevant data center is redundant through site.

The Importance of Redundant Connection in the Email Shop-Istanbul-300×199 Data Centers

The Email Shop Istanbul Data Center Difference

The Email Shop Istanbul Data Center, which provides services with Carrier Neutral, namely carrier independent infrastructure, on the Global Data Center network that unites the continents of Asia, Europe, and America, provides uninterrupted service with a redundant internet infrastructure from 5 different operators.

The Email Shop Istanbul Data Center offers 2N + 1 redundant physical and electronic security systems, air conditioning, energy systems such as energy systems by designing them specifically for the institutions. By designing advanced technology standards with special technical architecture, it provides secure hardware infrastructure and uninterrupted internet access.

With the acceleration of the trend of storing information on the Internet, high-security measures implemented in data centers have also begun to come to the fore. Every company that works with the data center at the point of hosting IT infrastructure and applications wants to make sure that all kinds of physical and cybersecurity measures are taken for the security of their data. Because data center security is very important in terms of professional use of corporate information technologies in today’s competitive environment. However, cybersecurity measures are not sufficient to safely store and manage data. The integrity, accessibility, and security of the data are provided with uninterrupted security checks as well as administrative and technical measures. In this context,

We can group the precautions that should be in the data center and which are vital for your data security under 3 headings;


Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems

First of all, data centers should be specially air-conditioned areas where temperature and humidity are controlled and electricity supply is uninterrupted. In addition to being cooled in a controlled manner, they also need to be air-conditioned following the conditions set by international standards. Because, IT equipment such as a server, storage/backup devices, and network components in the data center should be kept under certain conditions such as humidity, airflow, temperature, and air purification while being kept at a certain temperature. Otherwise, the increasing numbers of these constantly operating devices due to the heat generated and growing work volume may cause them to fail due to the lack of necessary weather conditions. This brings with it the disruption and even stopping the continuity of business continuity.

New methods are being developed in the addict

ion to conventional systems in data center cooling processes. The development of high-tech cooling and air-conditioning systems will be beneficial in providing less power consumption. In this way, high performance can be obtained while saving energy costs.

Internet-all-data-where-hiding-1024×683 Infrastructure Measures in Data Centers

Energy Management   

Achieving high performance from best email hosting and not losing data depends on meeting some important requirements such as continuity of systems and resistance to problems. This is achieved by controlling the amount of energy consumption and the energy consumed. To ensure energy efficiency, firstly, it is necessary to determine which systems or devices and how the energy is consumed. It is known that most of the energy consumption in data centers is realized by air conditioning systems. In this context, determining and monitoring the energy spent on air conditioning; Controlling consumption beyond the planned is an important point in ensuring energy efficiency.

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Fire Precautions

Fire is one of the worst scenarios that can happen to a cheap email hosting. Therefore, the determination of the fire extinguishing system and the procedures to be applied is a must for every data center. The Email Shop’s The Email Shop Istanbul Data Center is constantly monitored for the possibility of both underfloor and in-room fire with its double-layer and fully addressable fire detection system. When any problem arises thanks to the local detection and intervention feature, the location of that problem in our systems is determined precisely and intervened quickly.


Thanks to its “carrier independent” structure, The Email Shop Istanbul offers customers the freedom of access to internet service providers (ISPs), carriers, application developers, and companies and institutions. The Email Shop Istanbul offers its customer’s fiber-optic connection infrastructure over 5 different operators.

Energy, air conditioning, fire/flood protection, and electronic/physical security infrastructures of The Email Shop Istanbul, where server colocation services are provided with many privileged services, are provided at the -conscious plans by aiming to get full marks from nature.

Highest level, like all other The Email Shop businesses in the world. Excess energy consumption is not caused. Your data is kept securely in our services stored in our data centers. Thus, The Email Shop’s The Email Shop Istanbul Data Center acts as a front panel against the continuation of your business continuity and possible misfortunes and continues to develop environmentally