Important news about Hosting UK


Dear Customer,

This is always to inform you that Hosting UK has now become part of iomart Group plc, one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud computing and managed hosting services.

This is a step that is positive the business and I also hope you are going to concur, for you as a customer.

iomart Group has an excellent reputation for solution and delivery and it has just invested in one of the fastest and most secure fibre optic networks for connecting all its information centers within the UK. If you’d like to know more about iomart please visit uk server colocation

uk server colocation1

As part of a more substantial family of businesses uk server colocation shall continue to deliver the greatest levels of internet services while proclaiming to offer you access to an even wider range of hosting products.

Its truly business as usual for us at Hosting UK and you will continue to receive exactly the same great service from us as you always have done.

I think this a great move for us all and that that we will enjoy a bright future as a result.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have questions or issues.

I tripped and got a hosting package – who knew?

This is certainly just a weird thing I’ve seen a few examples of recently. Customers who contact us saying, “Sorry – I didn’t mean to order a hosting package and domain name, it was any sort of accident.”

Exactly how do you unintentionally add a hosting package to your shopping cart application, search for a domain name, include your information that is personal to concur to our Ts and Cs then provide your charge card details? Seriously!

I supposed to respond when I get confronted with that in a support ticket, how am?