Our new cloud hosting service


I’m pleased to announce the launch of UK colocation, a new web site devoted to the brand new range of VPS, or them Cloud Servers as we prefer to call.

What’s I love that it focuses completely on delivering great VPS/Cloud Servers about it is. The service delivers a huge range of templates from which predefined servers are deployed. You can deploy a basic cloud server with nothing a lot more than the operating system on, to a cloud server with a PBX or CRM system deployed ready to be used.

uk colocation


Ordering is simplicity itself drag a slider across the screen to choose the resource combination and choose an operating system or template. Deployment happens within a few minutes.

Can you tell I like this yet?Image of VPS2Go homepage

Maybe my thing that is favorite is Cloud DataCenter. What’s you ask that I hear?

Well, think about what a datacenter is at it’s most basic. It’s power, cooling and environment and compute resources that you deploy/deploy within as you need to.

Our Cloud Datacenter takes that basic idea into the VPS world. We provide the energy, the cooling and the platform from that you can deploy VPS since you need. You purchase a predetermined block of resources, and deploy as numerous Cloud Servers within it as you wish, dividing the resources between them as you see fit.

It is possible to choose to make those cloud servers auto-scale their resources according to how they are being utilised at any onetime.

When it comes to controlling your cloud servers you have a choice of doing so via your control panel, with access to backup, provision, re-provision as well as control your firewall rules. Connecting to your uk colocation is easily accomplished either inside your control panel via a pseudo KVM or via SSH under Linux and RDP under windows.

Another way that is great of controlling your cloud servers is via the OnApp iPhone and iPad apps available in the App Store. Talk about mobility – I’ve deployed a new server from my Cloud Datacentre while sitting at Chester train place!

Behind the operational system are powerful Dell servers and enterprise grade SANs providing you power and stability. Should any of our systems suffer a problem your cloud servers will rapidly fail over to another node ensuring no disruption to service.

So what can it is used by you all for? Well absolutely anything really. I’ve been using it myself as a test environment that is rapid.

You understand whenever you have got an basic idea for something? Well I get my fair share and often need a server to try the idea out upon. The usual problem of course is hardware and deployment time.

Getting your hands on a server that is spare the Hosting UK office is harder than you might think. We have hundreds busy humming away in production of course, and the spare ones are either earmarked for clients or grabbed by our engineers as soon as they become free. The Linux engineers are the– that is worst they have appear to have an insatiable appetite for servers, although become fair they come down with some cool stuff.

uk server colocation platform solves my problem. I can have a server deployed in a minutes that are few to run and ready for me personally to try my idea.

Of course that’s just one single example of the uses that are many it can be utilized for. Testing, rapid prototyping not to mention production.

Help is provided by ourselves at cheap colocation so you’ll be assured of the great support you’re used to.

Then i hope you’ll try it out – www.vps2go.com if you have a need. You are hoped by me do.