Lets learn about EMAIL HOSTING UK

Thanks to our efficient platform, it’s very easy to check and boost your email’s campaign performance more efficiently 

Whatever the amount is, it is possible to take advantage of our efficient infrastructure which guarantees the perfect routing of one’s communications along with the email hosting uk deliverability that is best.

Deliverability and authentication

Deliverability (the deliverability rate) could be the measure of the percentage of messages sent by windows hosting uk which in fact ends up in the receiver’s e-mail account.

email hosting uk

The Mail- server colocation platform thus ensures compliance with the most required security standards to optimize this rate, authentication of the sender is an essential factor

  • Implementation of Reverse DNS of sending servers
  • Compliance utilizing the SPF standard
  • Use of the DKIM standard

Automatic return administration

Each windows web hosting uk campaign generates a number that is large of (incorrect, invalid, closed addresses) which is essential to process to improve the efficiency of your shipments. These returns are either temporary or final, the status of each and every target is automatically updated. MAIL-ADNS therefore ensures the updating that is automatic of e-mail files.  

Transmission efficiency

Our platform is specifically optimized to make sure you rate that is high of transmission. Our perfect transparency that is technical us to check if our sending ability is blocked by anti-spam recipients. The quantity of several thousand recipients could be prepared in a minutes that are few.

Delivery planning

For every campaign, you’ll determine and schedule time for the shipments which are immediately processed by our 24 hours platform that is stable.

Open 2hosting.

Choosing the hillingdon grid webmail Open2Hosting solution provides the assurance of a constant monitoring that is professional. The email shop’s Open2Hosting is appreciated for its flexibility, speed and availability.

Professional web hosting

Not surprising, all things are included in our professional web hosting solution. 

Our “all inclusive” offers include the full range of services: equipment and software upkeep, complete administration and outsourcing, constant monitoring, backup, telephone and email help, etc.

You will get advantages from our turnkey solutions!

It’s an solution that is ideal you don’t have the full time, inclination or the skills to control technical problems.

The e-mail store group translates your needs that are functional technical configuration.

Internet hosting 

Because each business has its own plans and features, and gives various methods to every company in accordance with their requirements. The email shop provides a remedy adjusted every single of the hosting demands: feasibility, sizing associated with the host (s), telephony coupling, SMS platform, certain development…

  • Flexibility is one of our primary values
  • E-mail hosting
  • Proximity and responsiveness is our specialty!
  • We are not a call center. You understand us, we know you.

We’re the ongoing company on human scale. Easily reachable, you can find quick answers to your concerns.

We focus on all our equipment remotely in under a minute and provide physical intervention in the data center in under an hour.

More than a service that is hosted, we design vertical solutions and integrations with you (combining web technologies, IS integration, etc.) 97% of client requests are solved within just one hour.

8 years is recognized as the average loyalty of our customers!

Efficiency and availability that is high

  • Redundant fiber network that is optic present on major online exchange points. Privileged interconnection using the biggest operators.
  • our infrastructure that is entire is on HP and Dell brand server hardware, recognized for their performance and dependability.
  • These materials are set up in 2 ultra-secure and redundant Carrier course IV information facilities (access control, double power, electrical protection by inverters and generator, fuel fire system, air-con, programmable APC sockets for one 24/7 remote reboot….).

For 14 years, THE E-MAIL SHOP has focused its activity around the Linux hosting; integrates and personalizes the network protection that is best and surveillance tools. This gridhosting review combination allows our customers to benefit from an availability rate of 99.96% of our services. This is ideal for critical applications and exchange that is daily of.


Thanks to a powerful interface that is graphical you can easily measure the impact of your operations and analyze the behavior of your audience to better target your actions and reminders. You can use the wealth that is statistical of advertising to improve the effectiveness of the next promotions!

  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Campaign summary
  • determine the results through simple summary user interface. 
  • The conclusion price
  • The opening rate
  • Click through rate 
  • the rate that is unsubscribe
  • The reactivity
  • Broadcast and export the details collected from your web browser.
  • Analyze behaviors
  • Campaign summary

Uncover the behavior of your members, their reactions through the slightest link clicked. The history of each action enriches your customer base and allows you to better build your campaigns that are future.

Comparison and Optimization of one’s promotions

A dynamic comparison tool allows you to graphically visualize the performance of your operations to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Graphically compare the performance of the operations and optimize the parameters that are variousday and time of dispatch, topic and transmitter …) determine the results.
  • Detail of readings
  • ROI of promotions

Mail-ADNS is compatible with Google Analytics, the benchmark measurement tool for website traffic. In a transparent way, you will find the impact of each and every campaign and can objectively analyze the profits on return (the famous ROI) of the emailing operations by consulting the associated data: range visits, average period, amount of pages per go to, etc.

The POP protocol (postoffice Protocol) lets you retrieve your mail on a remote host (POP host). This protocol had been built to be able to recover messages received offline messages is going to be installed to your individual’s computer before they may be look over.


Historically the Pop protocol was justified whenever internet access could never be permanent. That which we can keep in mind is just mentioned here for the record.

Principal traits of this Pop protocol:

All messages arrive in the POP server, the user connects to your POP server software that is using “mail client” to download all the mail that is waiting to be read on the server.

Thereafter, all operations on this mail are done regarding the individual’s device, as the messages are deleted through the POP server once they have now been installed.

Additionally note that there was an answer to help keep messages on the POP host anyway, and also this for an interval become determined into the configuration of the email customer (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.).

You are going to generally get the option “leave messages on the host” for x days that will be tick able.


Select shared enviroment to simply take your first steps on the net, launch your business or optimize your visibility! Deploying online web and e-mail services has never been easier! Hosting that is shared is a really way that is effective begin or carry on your online existence. Our hosting solutions on provided infrastructure include by default: PHP and MySql engines, optimal protection of the data through a web application firewall and the “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate.

We provide you standard POP that is professional emails. Our solutions allow you unlimited access to technical support by e-mail and calls. You’ll have a storage space that enables you to host a business site, an application, a blog, a small site that is e-commerce. You can get everything at quite affordable costs in a simple, scalable and secure manner. The email shop’s shared hosting is similar to a large car park, which is safe during the entry, and throughout. And that means you don’t need certainly to bother about its safety problems as this is certainly a perfectly protected from all kinds of external threats and viruses.