Data center colocation provider IXAfrica has announced the completion of the design, planning and financing phases of its new mega campus in Nairobi, Kenya.

IXAfrica announced that the operator-neutral data center has been designed to bring together hypercloud and Internet customers on the largest data center campus in East Africa.

We are proud to see this project entering the operational delivery phase, “said Guy Willner, President of IXAfrica.

“Nairobi has often been called” London of Africa “, with its multinational fabric and thriving technology scene.

The creation of East Africa’s first “Internet Airport” will significantly accelerate the development of the information technology sector and the wider economy of the region.

The initial design of the 20 MW Tier3 + data center uses environmentally friendly technologies that guarantee a target PUE of less than 1.3, the company said.

“We congratulate IXAfrica and its team on the launch of the first large carrier-independent Internet distribution center in Kenya,” said Fiona Asonga, chief executive officer of the Association of Kenya Technology Providers (TESPOK).

Growth was necessary to better serve its business customers. “A little over a year ago, we started building our first data center to provide business infrastructure,” said Karl Morin, CEO. When it started, the company offered web uk colocation for email, games and websites for consumers and very small businesses.

Before, we rented servers, now we offer them, “he added with pride.

If the team built its first data center in LaSalle itself, it turned instead to a shared room that hosts other clients, including colocation hosting of other big cloud players, for its second . The big advantage is quick access to more bandwidth. “If necessary, we can add more in less than 24 hours, while bringing the necessary optical fiber to our first center could take several weeks.”

Unlike many of its competitors who rent their bandwidth to a single supplier, such as Videotron or Bell, “We have direct access to several suppliers. It gives us control over the quality of the service offered; a failure of a network provider does not affect us. “

Young company, young entrepreneur

Mr. Morin is 19 years old. He co-founded MicroSerum in June 2017 with Gabriel Boutin, while they were still at Collège de Maisonneuve in computer technology. “We were two great autodidacts; we wanted to have a challenge, something to force us to learn; we launched the project ”. They negotiated with the CEGEP management to work full-time on their start-up while being credited in their computer courses based on the recognition of prior learning. Despite the resistance of some more conservative teachers, they have had excellent feedback. For him, “On the business side, we could not have done otherwise. Being able to work full time at the company without compromising our studies has allowed us to get things done much faster. ”

Among MicroSerum’s customers, there are dairy producers, engineering or air conditioning firms, which host their backup copies, their intranet and their databases. “Our customers have an IT department, but don’t want to take care of the infrastructure. They just take care of the applications they use, we take care of the design and maintenance of the colocation uk.

The first center required an investment of $ 100,000, funded about 70% by the capital of the company, the rest by Futurpreneur and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

As the second data center does not have to be built, the investment is lower this time: it reaches around 25,000 dollars. An amount that will increase depending on future contracts. “server colocation involves more linear costs, unlike the progression” by market “of the first center.”